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  • General

Simple, plain, timeless outfits photograph the best, as they are not distracting. Our aim is to produce a timeless, beautiful portrait for you, and the best way to begin is to remember one word ...SIMPLICITY! Your clothes should be plain and simple, not loud or busy. Always have adults in short or preferably long sleeves, never sleeveless. This is one time your favorite outfit may not be the best outfit to be photographed in. Remember nothing dates a photograph faster than trendy clothing.

  • Babies

One of our favorite subjects. Please remember they are babies and dress them that way. We suggest plain, simple outfits without big collars or ruffles that get in the baby’s face. Bare feet are best, as shoes and socks often make the feet look too large. As we say, “bare feet, chubby legs and arms are what a baby is all about!” Bring at least one extra outfit in case of an accident. A favorite toy is also helpful along with a bottle in case the baby is fussy.

  • Children

We have many great props to use with children or bring one of your own. The possibilities are endless. Consider a favorite stuffed animal or wooden toys. Plastic toys in bright colors tend to overwhelm the child in the photograph. The prop should enhance the child, not overpower them. Please make sure to let us know in advance if you have any props or poses that are a favorite. Play outfits are best for children as activity centered portraits are so natural. Denim is always good for boys or girls. If you would like to have a “fancy-dressed up” portrait, please also consider a fun photograph as they are usually the most treasured and depict the “real” child. Always keep in mind, you want your child’s face to be the focal point of the portrait, not the clothing they are wearing.

  • Women

Make up: Eye shadow should be applied lightly and with care, the central focus of the interest in the portrait are the eyes. Neutral shades of gray or brown work best to enhance they eyes. Some blues or greens reflect the lights and make the eyes look unnatural in photographs. Also be careful with concealer under the eyes. A too light shade will give you the appearance of "Raccoon Eyes”. Apply two coats of mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Wear your other make up as usual. Please bring your make up with you in case any minor modifications are required.

  • Men

Be sure to shave just prior to your appointment as there is no way to hide “five o’clock shadow” in color photography.

  • Glasses

If you wear glasses ask your optician to supply you with a pair of empty frames for the day of your appointment. Not only do glasses catch light reflections, but they can also distort the face line in some portraits because of the lenses. Photo-gray glasses are a big problem because the studio lights can cause them to darken. Contact lenses are no problem.

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